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Saturday, April 26, at 2 p.m.
Treasure Hunt Hike at King Philips Rock trails
Children especially invited (suggested age 5 yrs or older, with parents). About 0.7 miles round. Park between 81 and 95 Mansfield St, or at 123 Mansfield St. Info: 781-784-4625 (Kurt) or 617-817-5386 (Maria).

Sunday, May 4, at 2 p.m.
Old Foundry trail walk. 1.1 mile round, easy. Visit site of revolutionary era foundry, marsh, and ponds. Park at corner of Grapeshot and Forge roads (opposite 2 Forge Rd) (South Main, to Gavin’s Pond Rd, to Grapeshot Rd, to Forge Rd) Info: 781-784-4625 (Marie).

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Support Conservation-oriented Water Rates in Sharon

Support conservation-oriented water rates Sharon's conservation-oriented water rates have helped reduce Sharon's well pumping by approximately 100 million gallons per year (i.e. 20% less water usage) over the past few years. This reduction saves money, improves drinking water quality, and protects the local environment (see the article about water rates). Please support Sharon's conservation water rates by signing the petition that urges the board of selectmen to keep the existing water rate structure.

Sharon Friends of Conservation was founded in 1986. Our mission is to support and work with the Sharon (MA) Conservation Commission “to promote, encourage and foster the preservation, care and maintenance of all public lands, waters and wildlife in the Town of Sharon, Massachusetts in order to further the recreation and enjoyment of the town’s residents.” It is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. SFOC sponsors interesting and informative meetings, holds work parties to maintain trails, and leads hikes to encourage everyone to enjoy the unique beauty of Sharon’s natural environment.

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Featured Sighting: Used Bicycles Collected for Bikes Not Bombs

2014 Used Bike CollectionThese used, unwanted bikes were sighted in early April at the Unitarian Church of Sharon after they were collected by SFOC volunteers. Bikes Not Bombs, a nonprofit based in Jamaica Plain, picked them up later in the day and most will be shipped overseas to support economic development projects in Africa, Latin America and the Carribean. Thanks to all the volunteers and donors who took part that day! (Photo by Stephen Bosco)

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Sharon’s Goose Guests

Ross's Goose photo by Josh SimonsMany years ago, it is said, Sharon folks maintained flocks of what are called Judas or toller geese. These Canadian geese (Branta canadensis) stayed put and did not migrate. (Geese raised in captivity never learn to migrate.) Their purpose was to lure wild geese down out of the skies. Then, as was the custom, these avian guests would be invited by Sharon families to their Christmas dinners. The descendants of Sharon’s once-perfidious fowl still follow in their forebears’ footsteps, but in a more agreeable way. Read more about Sharon's geese…