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The Mass. Audubon Society estimates that the rate of land lost to development in Massachusetts is 40 acres a day. If "hidden" land lost to roadbuilding, subdivision and human disturbance is taken into account, the total impact is closer to 78 acres per day!

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About Sharon Friends of Conservation

Sharon Friends of Conservation was founded in 1986. Our mission is to support and work with the Sharon Conservation Commission “to promote, encourage and foster the preservation, care and maintenance of all public lands, waters and wildlife in the Town of Sharon, Massachusetts in order to further recreation and enjoyment of the town's residents.”

We strive to support the Conservation Commission as well as provide it with help and resources to better carry out its mission. We maintain relationships with conservation entities in the Town, including The Trustees of Reservations, the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and Borderland State Park, and with the Boy Scouts. We advise and assist regional organizations such as the Bay Circuit Trail Alliance and the Massachusetts Riverways program.

SFOC sponsors meetings, lectures, hikes and educational events aimed at improving, learning about and appreciating Sharon's natural environment. We attempt to familiarize Sharon residents with the natural assets of their Town through our website as well as published maps of local trails. Sharon Friends of Conservation provides a focal point for anyone interested in learning about and working with Sharon's conservation issues, and a forum for the local conservation-minded community.

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.


Any SFOC member may attend and participate in Board meetings. We always welcome your input and perspective. In keeping with our by-laws, however, only Board members may vote.

Most always, meetings are held at Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary at 7:30 pm, but please check for last-minute changes.

Board meetings are always the second Wednesday of every 3rd month (quarterly) in which they occur.

Upcoming meetings are:


The latest issue of our semiannual newsletter (Spring '15) is available for download. (5mb PDF)


Membership in SFOC is open to all Sharon residents and people from other communities who are interested in conservation and environmental issues.

Dues are $25 a year for individuals and families. Dues and additional contributions are tax deductible and welcomed.

Visit our Membership page if you'd like to become a member or to renew your membership. Otherwise you can send an e-mail to Kurt Buermann or write to:
45 Furnace St.
Sharon, MA 02067

Officers and Committee Chairs

SFOC officers are elected at our annual meeting each March.

Officers for 2014/2015 are
President: Kurt Buermann
Vice President: Jim Barron
Treasurer: Leo Waters
Secretary: Alice Cheyer

Dan Arguimbau
Rita Corey
Elizabeth Dichiara
Paul Lauenstein
Richard Mandell
Mike Sherman