Cecropia Moth coccoon – 8/13/20

Observer: Rita Corey

Observation Date: 8/13/20

Observation Time: 3:45 p.m.

Observation Place: Mountain St.

Common Name: Cecropia Moth (coccoon phase)

Scientific Name: Hyalophora cecropia

Comments: The cecropia moth is the largest North American moth. It has a wingspan of 5-6 inches. It is a very colorful moth.

The female cecropia moth lays rows of eggs on both sides of a leaf on a tree or shrub. The eggs hatch in 10-14 days and the caterpillars begin eating the host tree or shrub’s leaves. The cecropia cocoon is crescent shaped. There is one generation of cecropia born each year.

After emerging from the coccoon, the mature cecropia moth does not eat. It’s only purpose it to mate. It only lives for a few weeks. Despite its dramatic size and bright coloration, it is seldom seen because it is nocturnal.

More Information: Nature Works

Three cecropia moth coccoons: