Spotted Turtle – 6/28/10

Observer: Paul Lauenstein Observation Date: 6/28/10 Observation Time: 8:00 a.m. Observation Location: Gavins Pond Road behind Shaw’s Plaza Common Name: Spotted Turtle (female) Scientific Name: Clemmys guttata Comments: This female spotted turtle may have been searching for a sandy spot to lay eggs. It may take up to 7 years for a spotted turtle to reach sexual maturity. Or perhaps it was returning to deeper […]

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Milk Snake – 6/3/10

Observer: Kate Kavanagh Observation Date: 6/3/10 Observation Time: 4:15 p.m. Observation Location: South Pleasant Street Common Name: Milk Snake Scientific Name: Lampropeltis triangulum Comments: This beautiful snake was slowly moving along the foundation of the house in the front garden bed. Disappeared into the gap behind the front step. Sadly, I was not fast enough with my camera. More Information: UMass Amherst Natural Resources and […]

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Black Racer – 6/14/09

Observer: Paul Lauenstein Observation Date: 6/14/09 Observation Time: morning Observation Location: Moose Hill Farm, Trustees of Reservations land Common Name: Black Racer Scientific Name: Coluber constrictor Comments: Photos taken on Sunday, 6/14/09 at SFOC’s Biodiversity Day event at Trustees of Reservations on Moose Hill. More Information: UMass Amherst Natural Resources & Environmental Conservation  

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