American Hornbeam – 6/4/11

Observer: Paul Lauenstein Observation Date: 6/4/11 Observation Time: 4:20 p.m. Observation Location: Conservation land near Billings Street Common Name: American Hornbeam Scientific Name: Carpinus caroliniana Comments: The common English name hornbeam derives from the hardness of the wood (likened to animal horn) and the Old English beam, meaning “tree” (cognate with German Baum). The American hornbeam is also occasionally known as blue-beech, ironwood, or musclewood, the first […]

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Crab Apple – 5/2/11

Observer: Paul Lauenstein Observation Date: 5/2/11 Observation Time: 4:45 p.m. Observation Location: Gavins Pond Common Name: Crab Apple Scientific Name: Pyrus baccata Comments: Red-tinged hairless leaves indicate this is may be a Siberian crab apple. More Information: Wikipedia  

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American Chestnut tree – 6/24/10

Observer: Paul Lauenstein Observation Date: 6/24/10 Observation Time: 3:45 p.m. Observation Location: Beaver Brook near tennis courts Common Name: American Chestnut Tree Scientific Name: Castanea dentata Comments: The term “dentata” in the scientific name refers to the “teeth” around the edges of the leaves. American chestnut trees were decimated by chestnut blight. Remnant root systems continue to send up shoots such as those shown in […]

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