Upcoming Events

Come experience our Beaver Brook Trail in a perhaps new and different way! 

Please join me, Carol Kleiner, as I guide you on a Forest Bathing walk – a slow-paced restorative walk that promotes wellness through a series of gentle sensory-opening invitations that welcome us to notice and deepen our connections with the natural world.  We will be walking on and off the trail on mostly level ground covering a short distance starting at the trail head at the Sharon train station.  
I am a guide in -training with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT)
Also in training for Wilderness First Aid certification. I’ll have first aid kit with me.
I am a resident of Sharon, retired teacher and a member of SFOC. I am an SFOC Trail Steward.

Tuesday, October 26 1pm to 3:30pm

Saturday October 30 1pm  to  3:30pm

Beaver Brook trail parking map

Come to either or both sessions!  

For more details and to register please call or text Carol at 781-690-0564



Autumn Nature Classes

Come to either or both sessions!   For more details and to register call or text  me at 781-690-0564.

The Nature of Sharon Center *Wednesday, November 10th from 12:00-2:00 p.m.  Discover the many changes that occur in nature while walking along the backstreets in Sharon Center and down to the little-known, Botanical Trail, designed (and maintained) by the Sharon Friends of Conservation! What flowers are still in bloom and what insect pollinators are still active? Which trees are showing their lovely, Autumn colors and which ones are still green, or have lost their foliage? Can we still hear bird songs or insect choristers? Join Teacher Naturalist, Michael Scutari, for an afternoon of exploration!

Michael Scutari is a former Teacher Naturalist at Mass Audubon Moose Hill (2010-2020). Prior to his work there, he taught at Mass Audubon Habitat on a seasonal/temporary basis from 1995-2010. He has worked for environmental education organizations in southern Ohio and Rhode Island from 1993-1995, gained some classroom teaching experience in both Vermont and Massachusetts from 1995-2008. Michael has also labored in the field digging archaeological test pits during 1999-2000, assisted his college professors with Tree Identification, and Intro to Ecology classes as an undergraduate student from 1988-1992, and even spent time in the tree care/interior plant care industry from 1998-2005.

Adult Education Registration Opens August 20th

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